Improved Sandwich Bread

1 Cup – Organic Gemini TigerNut Flour

1 Cup – Otto’s Natural Cassava Flour

¼ Cup – Sunflower Seeds

¼ Cup – Pepita Seeds

1 Cup – Organic Gemini TigerNut Horchata Unsweetened

¼ Cup + 1 Tbsp – Gold Nugget Ghee

1 Tbsp – Honey

2 Tsp – Red Star Yeast

5 – Large Pasture Raised Eggs

Vanilla Bourbon French Toast

3 – Large Pasture Raised Eggs

¼ Cup – Organic Gemini TigerNut Horchata Original

3 Tbsp – Aged Bourbon

1½ Tsp – Pure Vanilla Extract/Fresh Scraped Vanilla Bean

½ Tsp – Ground Cinnamon

1 Jar – Purely Pecans Pecan Butter

2-3 Tbsp – All Natural Bitter-Orange Marmalade

Maple Syrup

Paleo Powdered Sugar


Sandwich Bread

First, heat your Horchata milk and melt your ghee into it. If it is above 110ºF, wait for it to cool down and vice versa, ideally between 109 to 115°F. Add honey and yeast to the milk mixture. Allow the yeast to feed for 15 minutes. While the yeast is activating, mix the rest of your ingredients in a bowl. Once the yeast has risen, mix the milk mixture with the rest of your bread ingredients. Pour it into a parchment lined loaf pan and set it in a warm dark place (inside microwave) to rise for an hour. After an hour, the batter should’ve nearly doubled in size. Gently transfer the it into a preheated (375°F) oven. Let the bread bake for 30-45 minutes or until a tooth pick comes out clean.

French Toast

Assembling these delicious Stuffed Vanilla Bourbon French Toast is very easy. First, preheat a skillet at medium to medium-high heat.  I whipped together the Horchata, eggs, cinnamon, vanilla and bourbon in a shallow bowl. Dip the bread into the egg mixture. Do not soak it. Dip it, coat it, flip it and in the pan it goes. Cook each side for 1.5 to 2 minutes. Once they are cooked, spread a thin layer of marmalade and pecan butter and stack those babies together. Give them a light dusting of powdered sugar, a healthy drizzle of maple syrup and they are ready to be devoured.


Recipe by Between Two Forks