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1 Cup – Spiced Cranberry Jam (Or other Jams)

1¼ Cup – Otto’s Natural Cassava Flour

½ Cup – Organic Gemini TigerNut Flour

½ Tsp – Paleo Baking Power

2/3 Cup – Maple Sugar

Pinch – Salt

¾ Cup – Gold Nugget Ghee (Room temp)

¼ Tsp – Vanilla Extract

1 – Large Pasture Raised Eggs

Zest of Half a Lemon

Sprinkling Sugar (Optional)


1.) First off, let’s preheat our ovens to 350°F. Next, prepare a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper.

2.) In a large mixing bowl, mix together everything except for the jam and sprinkle sugar. Mix thoroughly and it doesn’t matter if you over mix as their is zero gluten to interrupt!

3.) Roll the Paleo Christmas Thumbprint Cookies into 1 inch diameter balls. Roll the ball in sprinkled sugar and put them on the prepared cookie sheet. Space them about 2 inches apart.

4.) Once rolled, it is important to make perfect and consistent indention in the cookies. I use the back of a ½ Tsp Measuring spoon and press down about ½ an inch in the center of each ball.

5.) Fill each indention with about ¾ Tsp of jam. Pop these babies in the over for about 15 minutes and viola! There you have it, my Paleo Christmas Thumbprint Cookies!


Recipe by Between Two Forks

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