TigerNut Oil



  • Higher smoke point than olive oil
  • Cold Pressed 
  • High content of Vitamin E
  • High content of Oleic Acid 
  • Over 10 grams of polyunsaturated fatty acid (linoleic acid & linolenic acid), enough to cover daily minimum needs
  • Higher oxidative stability than other oils, due to its content of polyunsaturated fatty acids 

This high quality oil is extracted by a cold, virgin process in order to ensure that it retains all the unique nutritious qualities of the TigerNut itself. The oil is golden brown in color and has a slight nutty taste. TigerNut Oil was first used by Egyptians 4,000 years ago and is generally considered a healthier alternative. Highly recommended for cooking above other oils because it is more resistant to chemical decomposition at high temperatures. TigerNut oil is also a fantastic component of beauty products. It has a high oleic acid content and low acidity and is excellent for the skin! 


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